Basic Auth via .htaccess

Create .htaccess File.  #

AuthType Basic 
AuthName "Secure Content" 
AuthUserFile /home/myuser/public_html/.htpasswd 
require valid-user 

Create Users in .htpasswd  #

Now start with creating users in .htpasswd defined in .htaccess file. You can add user and password either in plain text or md5 encrypted. 

Adding password in plain text format: 

htpasswd -c /home/myuser/public_html/.htpasswd  myuser

Adding password with md5 crypt format 

htpasswd -cm /home/myuser/public_html/.htpasswd  myuser

  • -c : is used only for first time when you create .htpasswd file. If you use it second time, it will remove existing file and recreate new one. 
  • -m : is used to save password in md5 format. 

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